Jersey Mike’s Life WTR Price, Nutrition and Allergen

Life WTR is a premium bottled water brand available at Jersey Mike’s Subs. It is purified water with added electrolytes for taste and a balanced pH. The bottles feature artistic designs by various creators.

Jersey Mike’s Life WTR

Jersey Mike’s Life WTR

Price: $2.49 – 2.50

What’s On It

SubstanceChemical Formula
Purified WaterH2O
Potassium ChlorideKCl
Magnesium SulfateMgSO4
Calcium ChlorideCaCl2

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Nutritional InformationAmount Per Serving (20 oz / 591 ml)
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Sodium5mg (0% DV)



FAQs – Jersey Mike’s Life WTR

What is Life WTR at Jersey Mike’s?

Life WTR is a brand of premium alkaline water that is sold bottled at some Jersey Mike’s locations.

Is Life WTR just regular bottled water?

No, Life WTR is purified water that goes through a proprietary process to ionize it and raise the pH to an alkaline level.

What are the benefits of drinking Life WTR from Jersey Mike’s?

Claimed benefits of alkaline water like Life WTR include better hydration, increased antioxidants, and improved pH balance.

How much does a bottle of Life WTR cost at Jersey Mike’s?

A single bottle of Life WTR typically costs around $2.50 to $3.50 at Jersey Mike’s locations that carry it.

What size bottles of Life WTR are available at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s offers Life WTR in standard single-serving bottle sizes like 20 oz or 1 liter.

Is Life WTR the only alkaline water option at Jersey Mike’s?

Yes, Life WTR is currently the only premium alkaline water brand offered at Jersey Mike’s.


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