Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu

Are you planning a big event & need delicious & affordable catering? Jersey Mike’s offers A wide variety of Catering options to fit any budget, including Subs, Salads & Cookies.

In This Post, We’ll take a look at The different Jersey Mike’s Catering options available at Jersey Mike’s, As well as The Prices for each. We’ll also Provide Some tips For ordering Catering from Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mike's Catering Menu

So whether You’re hosting a business meeting, A birthday party, or A wedding, Jersey Mike’s is the perfect place to get your Catering needs met! Order your Jersey Mike’s Catering today!

Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu Prices

Menu Item Size Price
Subs by the Box 12 Giant Subs $109.99
Subs by the Bag 12 Regular Subs $89.99
Boxed Lunches Regular $11.95
Boxed Lunches Small $9.95
Cookie Platter (12 cookies) $9.95
Brownie Platter (12 brownies) $9.95
Chips & Drinks Assorted bottled drinks, iced tea (1 gallon) $14.99

How to Order Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu

There are three ways to Order Jersey Mike’s catering menu:

How to Order Jersey Mike's Catering Menu

Online: You can Order online at Jersey Mike’s website. Just select the Catering option you want, enter your contact information & choose a pickup Or delivery time.

By phone: You can also Call your local Jersey Mike’s restaurant to Place an order.

In-person: You can visit your local Jersey Mike’s restaurant to place an Order in person.

When placing Your Order, You must give The following information:

  • The date & time of your event.
  • The number of people you are Catering for.
  • The Catering option you want.
  • Your Contact information.
  • Your preferred pickup Or delivery time.

You can also Request Special instructions, Such as no onions Or extra cheese.

NOTE: Jersey Mike’s catering orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Tips For Ordering Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu

  • Be sure to specify the size of the subs you want. You can Choose from Mini (10 inches), Regular (12 inches) Or Giant (15 inches).
  • If you are Ordering subs by the box, You can choose a variety of subs. Just be sure to Choose a total of 4 subs per box.
  • If you are ordering boxed lunches, You can choose any cold Sub on the menu. You can also add chips & a cookie to each box.
  • If you are ordering cookies Or brownies, You can choose from Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal raisin Or Peanut butter.
  • You can also add chips & drinks to your Catering order.

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Jersey Mike’s Delivery and Pickup Options

Yes, Jersey Mike’s Offers both delivery & pickup options. Here are the details:

Jersey Mike's Catering Menu

Delivery: Jersey Mike’s offers delivery through its Own website & third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats & Grubhub.

The delivery radius Varies by location, So you can check with your Local restaurant to find out if They Offer delivery to your area.

  • Delivery is available for most Orders over \$10.
  • There is a delivery Fee of \$3.99 for most orders.
  • You can place a delivery Order Online, By phone Or in person.
  • Delivery Orders must Be placed at least 30 Minutes in advance.

Pickup: You can also Pick up your food from your local Jersey Mike’s restaurant. If you want To avoid delivery fees, This is an Excellent alternative.

  • Pickup is always free.
  • You can place a pickup Order online, By phone Or in person.
  • Pickup orders must Be Placed at least 30 Minutes in advance.

Here are Some additional things to keep in mind about delivery & pickup at Jersey Mike’s:

  • The minimum order Amount for delivery may Vary depending on the location.
  • The delivery fee may also Vary depending on the distance of the Delivery address from the store.
  • During peak times, there may be a longer Wait for delivery Or pickup.
  • You can track your delivery Order online or through the delivery Service’s app.

Jersey Mike’s Minimum Order Requirements

The minimum order requirement for delivery at Jersey Mike’s varies depending on the location. However, Most locations have a minimum Order of \$10 for delivery. There is also a Delivery fee of \$3.99 for most orders.

The minimum Order requirement for pickup is \$0. You can pick up Your food from your local Jersey Mike’s restaurant for free.

If you are ordering Catering from Jersey Mike’s, the minimum Order amount will vary depending on the Catering option you choose. For example, the minimum Order for Subs by the Box is \$12.99 per box.

You can find more information About Jersey Mike’s minimum order Requirements on their website Or by Calling your local restaurant.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Contact Information

The address of Jersey Mike’s Subs Main Office is 2251 Landmark Place Manasquan, NJ 08736.

Phone Number for Jersey Mike’s Subs: (800) 321-7676.

You can also Use the website’s contact form to get in touch with the Jersey Mike’s Subs team.


Thank You for Reading About Jersey Mike’s Catering Menu! I Hope You Found it beneficial. If You Have Any queries, Please leave them in the Comments. And if you decide to order Jersey Mike’s Catering, I wish you a Delicious Meal!

I’m Here To help you locate delicious cuisine for your events, So please ask if you need any additional information. Thank you for taking the time To Read this!

FAQs – Jersey Mike’s Catering

What are the different catering options available from Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s offers a Variety of Catering options, including Subs by the Box, Boxed lunches & cookies. You can also Create Your Custom catering Package.

What are the prices for Jersey Mike’s catering?

Prices for Jersey Mike’s Catering vary depending on the options You choose. For Example, a box of 12 subs Starts at $69.99.

How can I place a catering order from Jersey Mike’s?

You can place a catering order online Or by Phone. To place an online Order, visit Jersey Mike’s website & click on the “Catering” tab. To place a Phone Order, Call 1-800-MY-MIKE’S (1-800-696-4637).

What are the delivery and catering fees for Jersey Mike’s catering?

Delivery & catering fees vary depending on the location. However, most locations Charge a delivery fee of $10 & Catering fee of 18% of the subtotal.

What are the special offers and discounts available for Jersey Mike’s catering?

Jersey Mike’s offers a Variety of Special offers & discounts for Catering, including:

  • * 10% off your first Catering order
  • * Free delivery on Orders over $100
  • * Group discounts for Orders of 20 Or more subs

What are the dietary restrictions that Jersey Mike’s catering can accommodate?

Jersey Mike’s Catering can accommodate a Variety of dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan.

What are the payment options for Jersey Mike’s catering?

You can Pay for your Jersey Mike’s catering Order with cash, credit card Or debit card.

What is the refund policy for Jersey Mike’s catering?

Jersey Mike’s offers a full refund for Catering orders that are canceled at least 24 hours in advance. However, there is no refund for orders That are Canceled less Than 24 Hours in advance.


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