Jersey Mike’s Cookie Price, Nutrition and Allergen

Jersey Mike offers delicious cookies! Our cookies, baked to perfection, are a delicious treat that will satisfy your taste senses.

Jersey Mike’s offers a delicious variety of tastes, including classic chocolate chip and tantalizing oatmeal raisin. Try our delectable cookies now to complete your dinner with the ideal sweet finish.

Jersey Mike’s Cookie

Jersey Mike’s Cookie

Price: $1-2

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What’s On It

Unbleached enriched wheat flourFlour made from wheat, enriched with nutrients
SugarSweetening agent derived from sugar cane or sugar beets
Semi-sweet chocolate chipsChocolate chips containing sugar, cocoa, and milk
(sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milkfat, soy lecithin, vanillin)Components of semi-sweet chocolate chips
ButterDairy product made from cream
Palm oilVegetable oil extracted from palm fruit
EggsProtein-rich food produced by female birds
WaterClear, odorless, tasteless liquid
High fructose corn syrupSweetening syrup derived from corn
Invert sugarSweetener produced by hydrolyzing sucrose
Sodium bicarbonateChemical leavening agent (baking soda)
SaltMineral compound used to enhance flavor
Natural and artificial flavorsFlavoring substances derived from natural or synthetic sources
Soy lecithinEmulsifier derived from soybeans
Xanthan gumThickening agent derived from fermentation of glucose
Artificial colorSynthetic pigment used to color food products


Serving Size1 cookie (51g)
Fat12g (Saturated fat: 6g)
Carbohydrates31g (Sugars: 19g)



FAQs- Jersey Mike’s Cookies

What types of cookies does Jersey Mike’s offer?

Jersey Mike’s typically offers chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and sometimes seasonal or rotating flavors like sugar cookies or peanut butter cookies.

Are Jersey Mike’s cookies baked fresh in-store?

No, Jersey Mike’s cookies are not baked fresh in the restaurant. They are pre-baked and supplied to the locations.

How many cookies come in an order from Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s sells their cookies individually, so one order is for a single cookie.

Do Jersey Mike’s cookies contain nuts?

The oatmeal raisin cookies may contain nuts like walnuts or pecans. The chocolate chip cookies are typically nut-free.

Are any of Jersey Mike’s cookie options vegan?

Jersey Mike’s does not currently offer any vegan cookie options, as their cookies contain dairy and eggs.

Can you get cookies as part of a meal deal at Jersey Mike’s?

No, cookies are sold separately as an individual bakery item and are not included in Jersey Mike’s meal combos.


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